The Benefits

The FloFunder platform has been built by PeerPay Ltd for use by an Accountancy Practices’ clients with the following benefits:

  • Operates in a closed environment of the accountancy practice or the wider FloFunder community,
  • Only available to validated sophisticated funding clients that meet FCA guidelines,
  • Not available to the general public,
  • Invoice based cash flow only, no commercial loans

The Service

The FloFunder model provides an alternative to the high costs of factoring companies and mistrust of some investors of current invoice platforms.

The aim of the service is to provide accountancy practices a value-added service to their business clients, both buyers and sellers, which helps to differentiate their practice and their value added offerings from competitors in an online world that is increasingly competitive.

The service combines a group of buying clients to provide cash flow liquidity for those clients requiring short term invoice financing. The FloFunder platform’s algorithm ensures that no single funder is exposed to more than a maximum percentage of a single invoice, set by their Accounting Practice, and firms cannot register as both a funder and seller at the same time.