FreeAgent & FloFunder

Why FreeAgent?

The team behind FreeAgent share much of the same philosophy as us here at FloFunder.  We all want UK businesses to excel at what they are good at, so we are here to help when needed, either in the day to day running of their business or just when things are getting a little tough.

As mentioned elsewhere on this page FreeAgent is great at helping business keep track of their cash flow.  If a problem is highlighted then that business can turn to FloFunder for assistance.

FloFunder and FreeAgent have partnered to help UK SME’s with their cash flow, as quickly, easily and discretely as possible.  If you would like to find out more about either solution please select one of the links below for more information.

What is FreeAgent?

FreeAgent is an online accounting system specifically designed to meet the needs of micro businesses, freelancers and their accountants.  More than 50,000 customers worldwide currently use FreeAgent to manage their business account.

FreeAgent covers many of the day to day business admin activities – from managing expenses, running a fully RTI-compliant payroll and time tracking, through to creating and sending professional-looking estimates and invoices to clients and keeping track of cash flow.

How does the partnership work?

FloFunder is here to help companies that need a cash flow boost, either as a one off or on a more regular basis, by trading invoices online for a cash flow advance.  Integrating with FreeAgent allows the company to select the invoice they wish to submit with just a single click, removing the need for re-keying the details.

Knowledge about a company’s previous trading history and their customers allows businesses to have their risk level (and the cost of the advance) to be set fairly and correctly.  FreeAgent provides this information directly to FloFunder meaning there is one less thing for the business to do!

One of the really useful features of FreeAgent, is that it lets you set up recurring invoices that send themselves automatically, and nudges those late-paying clients with automated reminders.  All of this means that the cost of the cash flow advance through FloFunder is kept as low as possible.