How does the matching engine work?

Unlike online invoice auctions where funders have to bid and monitor each invoice, the FloFunder platform searches all registered buyer return and criteria records and validates that sufficient funds are available to start matching.

The matching process then attempts to match as many buyer return profiles to the “verified” invoice until a match is made.  The matching is designed to spread the seller’s invoice over as many buyers as possible with transparency.

This ethical approach treats all buyers as equal and ensures that all sellers get the most cost effective price.

Minimum Funder Match

The minimum match number of funders is set by your Accountancy Practice and may well consist of a blended rate basis consisting of a mixture of low and medium profiles.

The seller will then be offered the blended rate to either accept or reject. 

Maximum Funder Match

The system can be set to a maximum number of buyers by your Accounting Practice.

This ratio is done to ensure that all funders can maintain effective daily control of the invoice if required.