FloFunder is different from other invoice based finance because it:

  • places the Accountant at the centre of the process, embracing their knowledge of the business and individuals, as they are often best placed to assess the financial health of both parties – helping to minimise the risk when compared with unknown parties on The Internet.
  • allows Accountancy Practices to provide a value-added service to their clients, both buyers and sellers, which helps to differentiate their firm and their offering from competitors.
  • provides the seller and the Accountant a way to ascertain the debtor position for their business at the touch of a button.

FloFunder also uniquely:

  • incorporates a real time risk and matching engine that continuously learns and updates itself to build better-performing, proactive risk profiling of sellers.
  • allows for individual buyers to facilitate cash flow financing within the confines of their common Accountancy practice, or the FloFunder community. 
  • algorithmically manages diversification to minimise risk for the buyer, against invoices that have been validated and are waiting to be paid. The operating ratio of the system ensures that no buyer can be exposed to more than a maximum percentage of any invoice under the automated process.
  • automatically matches individual buyers to sellers, based on their pre-defined risk v. return profile.
  • operates in a closed environment not an open invoice auction market.