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Technology - Popular trends for 2018…

As 2017 starts to draw to a close we are looking towards 2018 and the opportunities it will present.  Our recent blogs and newsletters have looked at different invoice finance options available to SMEs (trading, factoring and discounting),…
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What we learnt at Accountex 2017

As we wrote in a previous blog, Accountex 2017 was the place to discuss business strategy, build networks and understand trends, and we were not disappointed by the event and participation of the industry at large. Many of the practices that…

Accountants - Advisors not Bean Counters

Online accountancy platforms have had significant impact on accountancy practices and their clients. The recent trend is that some these companies are focusing more on full integration of workflow e.g. with the stated aim…

Can Accountants monetise information?

Every day many SMEs are introduced to banks by their accountant and are refused credit. One of the reasons for this may well be the fact that many institutions typically engage with one or more of the three independent bureaus supplying historic…

Being digital

Dubbed the fourth industrial revolution, our digital age is forcing many businesses to re-imagine not only their organisations but the way they offer services to clients. More and more, technology, however much we resist, is essential and should…