Accountants - Advisors not Bean Counters

Online accountancy platforms have had significant impact on accountancy practices and their clients. The recent trend is that some these companies are focusing more on full integration of workflow e.g. with the stated aim…

Can Accountants monetise information?

Every day many SMEs are introduced to banks by their accountant and are refused credit. One of the reasons for this may well be the fact that many institutions typically engage with one or more of the three independent bureaus supplying historic…

Introducing FloFunder on Talk Radio...

David Hughes, MD of PeerPay, was invited to talk on the Jonny Gould show on Talk Radio to discuss Alternative Financing solutions for SME's within the UK. Jonny was interested to hear how the FloFunder service from PeerPay could be used to…

Being digital

Dubbed the fourth industrial revolution, our digital age is forcing many businesses to re-imagine not only their organisations but the way they offer services to clients. More and more, technology, however much we resist, is essential and should…

Accountants - hero or a necessary cost?

There is a growing demand on accountants to add more value to their clients and to move further from a supplier to a partner relationship. In the UK, I would imagine that most the 5.5 million privately owned business will engage with an accountancy…

Online Quarterly Tax Returns - good or bad?

The recent news that the UK Government will force SMEs to file quarterly tax returns online is both good and bad news for Accountants. The good news is that this will force SMEs to ditch the paper and excel spreadsheets and adopt digital…
Invoice Trading
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The birth of FloFunder

Accounting Web's editor, John Stokdyk, talks about the creation of the invoice trading platform FloFunder, designed and created by the team at PeerPay. The full article can be read here.