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The FloFunder experience


This month proved a good one for a consulting firm, who, upon taking advice from their Accountant, improved their cash flow using the unique online Invoice Trading service from FloFunder.

“We just needed a little help this month with cash flow” said David, the firm’s owner, “and we didn’t want to get tied into any long term financing solution.  FloFunder gave us the perfect opportunity to get an advance quickly and discretely, with a minimum of fuss.”

As a new user of FloFunder, all that was required was an invitation from their Accountant, completion of a quick registration process who verified who they were, and linking their cloud accounting platform to FloFunder, which meant no re-keying of invoice details.

“The time it took from registering to receiving our advance took only a few hours” David continued, “which was really handy in allowing us to make the tricky business decision the same day.”

The Invoice Purchase also benefited those who had placed their investment funds into FloFunder.  Kate, who used the same accountant as David, has also been advised that she may make a better return on the cash she has sitting in her deposit account.  By her own omission she had always been a little wary of investing but found FloFunder was the perfect way to be introduced to it.

“My accountant recommended FloFunder to me as a good introduction to the world of investing” Kate said, “and he was right.”

She continued, ” I accepted the email invitation onto the platform,  registered and paid in my initial investment – it only needed to be £2,500!  I set the risk level and payment terms I wanted and it was as easy as that!  The next time I logged into FloFunder I could see how much I had earned and it gave me the opportunity to re-invest or withdraw my money.  It could not have been simpler!”

With FloFunder there is no need to constantly monitor and assess the invoices you wish to purchase.  As long as the risk level and payment terms of the invoice match those of the investor the Invoice Purchase Transaction goes ahead, matching the invoice to as many funders as possible to spread the risk.

All sides of the Invoice Purchase transaction were happy; David got his advance quickly at a low cost, Kate took her first journey into investment, and their Accountant had happy clients and received a commission into the bargain!

If you are an Accountant and would like to offer the same valuable service to your clients let us know here, or subscribe online.