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Technology – Popular trends for 2018…


As 2017 starts to draw to a close we are looking towards 2018 and the opportunities it will present.  Our recent blogs and newsletters have looked at different invoice finance options available to SMEs (trading, factoring and discounting), and the importance of choosing the right solution.  In the same way we are now looking at technologies that can help us to succeed.  In this blog are five trends that are looking to become even more popular in 2018…

Shared Data

No-one likes to waste time entering the same information into multiple systems, and technology is already helping us here.  Many of us already have devices that share our data, for example, mobile phones and cars using the same contact information, so you can easily make calls and receive texts whilst on the move.  In the same way information about your company will be increasingly shared across platforms, allowing you to make important informed business decisions.  As an example, cashflow predictions tools can absorb information from your accounting platform, and then point you to invoice finance tools as a solution to ease a potential cash flow problem.

Single Platform Solutions

Multiple social media channels can already be managed through a single platform; HootSuite and Buffer immediately spring to mind.  Increasingly your business solutions will be accessed from a single point, and will provide the best of breed integrated solutions to allow SMEs to successfully run their businesses.

Artificial Intelligence

Computers are now able to learn in much the same way as we do.  This is due to the constant technological advances in the way that data can be gathered and processed using new and innovative routines.  Being able to process information on, for example, how and when invoices are paid allows an invoice trading system to learn and calculate real time risk levels for investors, whilst ensuring that a seller’s reputation is set correctly.


As AI levels increase, machines become more intelligent, and able to make decisions and carry out actions for us.  Increasingly more of our systems will do everyday tasks, such as sending reminders when invoices are due for payment, thanking customers for payment when invoices are settled, creating tax returns and searching for the best finance solutions.

Working in the Cloud

A large number of us have already started to work in the cloud, and are thankful that losing data when a hard drive fails or a backup disc goes missing is a thing of the past.  Increasingly more of our data will be stored within a cloud, allowing for increased levels of remote collaboration with safe and secure storage.  Storing your financial account details via applications such as FreeAgent and Xero will allow Accountants and Business Owners to have real time discussions about the financial health and direction that the business can follow.

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There has already been some adoption of these trends during 2017 – both at home and within business – but with the constant advances in technology, and new and innovative ways to help SMEs succeed, these trends look to grow even more popular in 2018 – we just need to take advantage of them.