Staying relevant for your clients

There are various thoughts being shared about the changing role of accountants, mainly due to technology and the fact that younger clients tend to switch more readily than older ones. The general theme is that to stay relevant, accountants…
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The FloFunder experience

This month proved a good one for a consulting firm, who, upon taking advice from their Accountant, improved their cash flow using the unique online Invoice Trading service from FloFunder. "We just needed a little help this month with cash flow"…

Mistakes made when looking to raise finance

As an SME, there will be times when raising finance to support the business becomes essential.  This can cover a myriad of situations from start up to operations and all the stages in between. Many small businesses are started with founders…

Financing & Cash management from my Accountant

Whether we agree with it or not, technology has become an essential part of any business model, whether that be sales, marketing or supply chain elements.  In a world where every individual has powerful smartphone technology available at their…

The Age of Automation

  I read an interesting article recently which got me thinking… The report highlighted some research undertaken by the University of Oxford which looked at jobs and roles most likely to be affected by computerisation.  Amongst…

Renovating client interaction – what drives it?

In our opinion there are many drivers affecting the accountancy market and forcing businesses to change the way they interact with clients.  Two of the most prominent are digital presence and professional and value added services: Digital presence…
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What we learnt at Accountex 2017

As we wrote in a previous blog, Accountex 2017 was the place to discuss business strategy, build networks and understand trends, and we were not disappointed by the event and participation of the industry at large. Many of the practices that…

Is the future only filing?

Perceived wisdom is that legislative changes, such as MTD, will force many small to medium accountancy practices to rethink their business models. If a firm’s main revenue is tax compliance and audit, there is a real danger that most of the…

Small Businesses have their Heads in the Cloud

I recently attended the UK government’s FinTech 2017 event. FloFunder was one of only 100 companies invited to attend. A wide range of FinTech services were on offer – from new banks, finance options and DLT technology. Common themes…

Working with Practices

Rodliffe Accounting, an early adopter of the FloFunder service, talks about why they are offering alternative finance solutions - read the full article here...