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Enhanced Data through Open Banking

I am indebted to Bob Lyddon for his recent blog series “Predictions for the Payments industry in 2018”. Bob argues that few clients are asking for “Open Banking” as opposed to “Enhanced Data”.  One of his main points is that: “If…
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The role of the accountant as productivity and technology leader

An article from Accountancy Age last month answers some important questions on how an accountant can assist their SME clients.  To read it in full go here. Questions asked include how companies can reduce their adminstration burden, which…
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Technology - Popular trends for 2018…

As 2017 starts to draw to a close we are looking towards 2018 and the opportunities it will present.  Our recent blogs and newsletters have looked at different invoice finance options available to SMEs (trading, factoring and discounting),…
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Technology - an enabler

Government continues the mantra that SMEs are the lifeblood of this country, promoting economic growth, creating jobs and fostering innovation.  But, for many of us running small businesses, life is tough as hell and decent advice is difficult…

Choosing the right invoice finance

George Canning, the 18th century English foreign secretary and prime minister once said, "Indecision and delays are the parents of failure." Sometimes though, indecision is unavoidable - it can be daunting for a business owner to decide upon…

Recipe for Success

Running your own business has plenty of unique challenges, from managing cash flow to ensuring your payroll runs as smoothly as possible.  Fortunately, you don’t have to do it alone.  Matthew Perry, at Rodliffe Accounting, lets us know the…

Ignorance is no excuse

A harsh title but one that was triggered by a recent discussion with a neighbour, who was bemoaning the fact that they were unaware of a series of events happening in the village despite newsletters through the door, a prominent page of the…

Trusted Business Advisor – slogan or reality?

Over the years, I have come across many slogans and catchphrases designed to either to motivate, express culture, promote a feelgood factor or warn of impending doom if ignored. In technology services one company espoused FNAO (failure not…
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Will Brexit affect your business?

I saw an article recently that stated that nearly a third of SMEs wanted a new government to reverse the Brexit decision.  As a limited straw poll (1,000 owners and directors out of a market of 5.5m companies) it was the perceived business…

Self-Billing Payment System for Contractors

In this guest blog Rodliffe Accounting talks about the self billing system that many of the larger recruitment and interim management businesses use.  These systems are designed to make life easier for everyone, but caution is advised. For…