David Ireson-Hughes

Owner of Rodliffe Accounting Ltd, winner of ‘Best Bespoke SME Accounting Practice – UK 2017’ and ‘Most Innovative Practice in the UK 2016’ and numerous awards in 2015 and 2014 for providing the best accountancy service to contractors, freelancers and small businesses is also one of the co-founders of the PeerPay service.

David founded Rodliffe Accounting 11 years ago but started his career in the financial services sector, working amongst others, Prudential, HSBC and Aegon Asset Management.

He has been working with SME’s for many years and is passionate about assisting businesses to grow and embracing new technologies to allow this to happen.

Michael King

Michael, was at SWIFT for over 20 years with responsibility for Asia, USA and Europe and many successful initiatives:

  • Identified and supported key development opportunities in pension funds, broker dealer matching services and hedge fund administrators
  • Developed a sales and marketing strategy for e-commerce products with a commercial sales pipeline over $15m
  • Successful RFI and RFP responses for multiple industry initiatives from RTGS environments to supply chain
  • Created and managed various industry bodies
  • Grew company’s revenues in Asia from 4% to 20% in 5 years and increased customer base by over 50%.

As well as being with PeerPay he is currently Chairman of Credits (a block chain technology company).

Alan Burns

Alan pioneered computer networking at the Science Research Council in the late 70’s on one of the first computers on the Internet. This led to a career as a software engineer working on ground-breaking developments, such as the world’s first commercial data network and the UK’s first home-banking service for Midland Bank (HSBC).

In the early 90s Alan co-founded an e-commerce and e-payments start-up, which he ran as CTO and CEO for 12 years, growing it to Award Winning “Business of the Year” in £20M category. He joined RedEye in 2003 as CTO, and developed its product from Web Analytics software used by a handful of clients to become the UK’s leading data-driven, online Digital Marketing solution.

The PeerPay platform development benefist from Alan’s product vision, experience in software innovation and proven track-record in building start-up businesses and successfully bringing new technology products to market.

How they met

It all started when David, owner of a successful Accountancy Practice, was trying to help a client to get some cashflow finance.  Upon applying to the traditional sources, they were told that the bank “didn’t have the appetite for this kind of business.”  Some of his other clients found out what had happened, offered to help and provided enough funds for the cashflow problem to be solved.

“If this could solve the problem for one SME,” David thought, “there must be others out there that could benefit.” He discussed the idea with Michael, an experienced financial services executive, and together they researched the overall invoice trading market, mainly factoring and discounting, and discovered that many SMEs were underserved as they were shut out by current offerings.

As David’s firm is a technology leader, the service had to be fully automated around workflow and integrated into online cloud accounting platforms to provide a simpler and cheaper alternative to existing methods for all parties.

The service also needed a real-time risk engine capable of learning, so they met with Alan, who had years of experience in software innovation and a proven track-record in successfully bringing new technology products to market.  They decided to build an alternative approach based around Accountancy Practices, to provide a service for their eco system of clients, irrespective of size, so they could sell or finance invoices within a secure operating environment, at a lower entry point and cost than currently available and FloFunder was born.

So, there we have it, FloFunder, with the three most important areas covered by the most experienced individuals in their fields; knowledge of the users, the financial sector and the latest technology used by FinTech companies.  The FloFunder founding members:

David Ireson Hughes – bringing insight into problems that SMEs face from time to time with cashflow and understanding how difficult it is to provide good, risk managed investment opportunities.

Michael King – having an in-depth knowledge of financial services, payment services and systems, electronic marketplaces, e commerce and market infrastructures.

Alan Burns – a pioneer in electronic commerce and e-payments, with experience of using cloud-based tools and APIs to build intelligent matching tools.