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PeerPay Limited has researched the alternative finance market, gauging appetite and talking to forward thinking digital and cloud driven accountancy practices about their clients’ needs and their challenges in adapting their current business models to provide additional value added services.

Invoice Trading

Invoice Trading is a growing mainstream international alternative finance product that enables businesses to accelerate their working capital by choosing to sell single invoices to sophisticated investors who are seeking attractive returns.

As businesses evolve their strategies, many are looking at their accountancy practice to assume a broader role in assisting them. This broader role will require accountants to apply financial expertise in combination with analytical, creative and risk- management skills to help clients develop their business and also to keep themselves relevant. Two major areas keep appearing which are cash flow and earning a reasonable return on cash.

Today, some accountancy firms are manually matching clients with funds with those with short term shortfall as a service.

Introducing FloFunder

From this research, we have built “FloFunder”, a ‘risk based matching service profiling engine’ that addresses both of these needs by combining a group of buying (funding) clients to provide cash flow liquidity for those clients requiring short term invoice-backed financing. The FloFunder platform works with accountancy practices knowledge of their clients, the industries in which they operate, and uses real time and historical data extracted from their cloud based accountancy platform as part of its algorithm to create an improved asset based financing engine.

The sophisticated algorithm matches businesses looking to sell approved invoices against a pool of buyers by searching all funder return and risk criteria records and validating that enough funds are available within the relevant risk profile.  The FloFunder platform’s algorithm ensures that no funder is exposed to more than a maximum percentage of a single invoice, set by the Accounting Practice to meet the needs of their client base.

By searching and matching in this way, all buyers get an equal opportunity to participate in a totally automated way with real time reports and analytics and all sellers gain the most cost effective price, making this, in our view, the most fair and ethical alternative finance platform in the market today.

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